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DirectX for TMT pascal

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Here you can find DirectX 8.0 / DirectX 9.0 SDK's for TMT pascal compiler 4.0

To install SDK in TMT pascal 4.0 you should:
  1. Unzip provided ZIP file to TMT pascal home directory - by default it's "C:\TMTPL\"
  2. Verify what PAS files from ZIP archive overwrited previous ones in "Source\RTL\Win32\DirectX" directory - newer files are have been modified in 2002 year
  3. Build "_install.pas" extracted from archieve with other DirectX SDK headers
  4. Verify what DirectX FPW units in "UNITS" directory have beed replaced by new ones - you can verify it for just one of the units, i.e. "D3D.fpw"
  5. You can (and probably should) remove "_install.exe" from "UNITS" directory
Current versions should be completely backward compatible with version provided in TMT 4.0 release. Anyway it is always good idea to backup contents of "Units" and "Source\RTL\Win32\DirectX" directories.

Note what Direct3DX 8.1 are not fully compatible at source level with Direct3DX 8.0 - some function different have names others are not parameter compatible - but it's Microsoft decision.

 Currently available SDK's:
22-Jan-2004 DirectX SDK 9.0

Complete release of DirectX 9.0 SDK for TMT pascal.

Download: (668kb)
18-Feb-2002 DirectX SDK 8.0

There are some issues of original SDK corrected. Mainly:
  • DirectShow unit (DShow.pas) now compiles just fine and included in Units directory
  • Direct3DX8 (d3dx8.pas) unit have bugs fixed
  • D3D sample Framework is now contains more run-time validity checks and fixed source code formatting
  • Debug version of D3DX8 are now directly linked to DLL library, provided by Microsoft and not custom made one
  • Conversion functions between WideChar and AnsiChar are more completely implemented in DXUtil unit
Download: (531kb)

Please inform me of any grammar or general errors, contained on these pages, Alexey Barkovoy
Last updated: 22-Jan-2004