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2nd Half of 2003

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DirectX SDK 
MS DirectX SDK New release on DirectX headers!
Starting from this release main headers download will contain 'DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2003)' compatible files. Older headers containing files compatible with original December-2002 SDK are still available.

  List of changes:
  • D3DX9.pas
    • Updated version of D3DX9Sab.dll is included in
    • Fixed: ID3DXSprite._Begin
    • Fixed: TD3DXCallbackSearchFlags (Delphi 4-5)
    • Fixed bug in MS SDK: TD3DXFontDesc, D3DXCreateFont
    • Changed: ID3DXSprite.SetWorldViewRH / SetWorldViewLH
    • Changed: D3DXSaveSurfaceToFileInMemory, D3DXSaveTextureToFileInMemory
    • resolved some todo items
  • dxerr9.pas
  • DirectInput.pas
    • Fixed: IDirectInputDevice8.BuildActionMap
    • Fixed: IDirectInput8.EnumDevicesBySemantics / ConfigureDevices
  • DirectMusic.pas
    • Fixed: DMUS_SEGF_xxx constants
    • Fixed: IDirectMusicPerformance8.PlaySegmentEx
  • DirectShow.pas
    • Included latest version of Henri Gourvest DirectShow9.pas (from 24-Oct-03)
Delphi .NET 
By the way, Borland officially announced release of Delphi.NET 8.
Press Release: Borland® Delphi™ 8 for the Microsoft® .NET Framework Now Shipping.
DirectX SDK examples 
Seems I have not updated site for a long time. So today I'm presenting maintenance update to Delphi examples supplied for DirectX 8.0 and 8.1 SDK’s. This update fixes some minor problems due to desyncronization of examples and DirectX headers. Now all examples and common framework needed to compile them are supplied in single all-in-one WinRAR SFX archive thus minimizing download size and raising easy-on-use experience. Note: Full descriptions of examples are still accessible for each of them.

PS. In near time frame expect update to DirectX 9.0 SDK Delphi examples syncronizing them with Summer 2003 Release of DirectX SDK.
DirectX SDK 
MS DirectX SDK I'm glad to present Summer 2003 release of DirectX 9.0 headers for Borland Delphi and libraries for C++Builder! The only updated (in comparision to original DirectX 9.0 SDK) is D3DX9 library.

PS. This release is probably contains some bugs, so mail me founded bugs (but I will be able to answear your questions only next week)!

DirectX SDK examples 
VolumeTexture image Water image More samples converted to Delphi from DirectX 9.0 SDK: VolumeTexture, Water.
DirectX SDK examples 
SoundFX image NEW!: First DirectSound sample is translated to ObjectPascal and available for download - SoundFX. This sample shows how to use standard effects with DirectSound and how to manipulate FX parameters.
PS: If someone knows how to avoid Delphi to wrongly popup during debugging with error message about exception - let me know!

Updated: How to compile ObjectPascal DirectX examples article - with recommendations for Delphi DirectX9 samples placing.
DirectX SDK examples 
VertexBlend image VertexShader image More samples converted from DirectX 9.0 SDK: VertexBlend, VertexShader.
DirectX SDK examples 
New revision of "Common framework" supplied for DirectX SDK examples available. This revision includes:
  • Updated: D3DApp.pas
  • Updated: D3DFont.pas
  • Updated: DXUtil.pas
  • New! DSUtil.pas - DirectSound helper utilities
DirectX SDK 
MS DirectX SDK I'm glad to present September release of DirectX 9.0 headers for Borland Delphi! This is probably the last edition before headers will be syncronized with next release of DirectX SDK from Microsoft, currently known as 'DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2003)'.

  List of changes:
  • D3DX8.pas
    • Fixed: LPD3DXFILL2D, LPD3DXFILL3D function types
    • Fixed: D3DXFillTexture, D3DXFillCubeTexture, D3DXFillVolumeTexture
  • D3DX9.pas
    • Fixed: TD3DXFill2D, TD3DXFill3D function types
    • Fixed: D3DXFillTexture, D3DXFillCubeTexture, D3DXFillVolumeTexture
    • Fixed: D3DX_VERSION constant
    • Fixed: D3DXCompileShaderFromFile, D3DXCompileShaderFromResource (UNICODE versions)
    • Fixed: TD3DMeshSimp renamed to TD3DXMeshSimp
    • Added: PID3DXMesh
    • Fixed: In debug mode ('DEBUG' conditional define) D3DXGetDriverLevel now imported from custom made DLL (d3dx9ab.dll) cos it's not exported by MS supplied debug DLL (d3dx9d.dll).
    • misc spelling fixes
  • DirectDraw.pas
    • Fixed: LoadDirectDraw function now works correctly when compiled for Dynamic Loading ('DIRECTDRAW_DYNAMIC_LINK' conditional define)
  • DirectInput.pas
    • Added: DIDFT_OPTIONAL constant
    • Changed: IDirectInputDevice.SetDataFormat
  • DirectShow.pas
    • Included latest version of Henri Gourvest DirectShow9.pas (from 01-Jun-03)
  • DirectSound.pas
    • Fixed: IDirectSoundBuffer/IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer.Lock - !!! warning !!! this will broke most of the current source base, but is necessary ('out' style parameters changed to pointers)
    • Fixed: IDirectSoundBuffer8.AcquireResources
By now all of known to me "TODO:" items are implemented - point some new ones!

DirectX SDK 
DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2003) - RC0 (Release Candidate 0) is available at!
DirectX SDK examples 
More samples converted from DirectX 9.0 SDK.
RTPatch image Text3D image RTPatch is just straight conversion from DirectX 8.1 to 9.0.

Text3D demonstrate one more way of displaying text in comparision to DirectX 8.1 sample.
DirectX SDK examples 
Pick image PointSprites image Two more samples from DirectX 9.0 SDK: Pick, PointSprites.
DirectX SDK examples 
Added 3 "mesh" samples. Now there are 4 of them: EnhancedMesh, OptimizedMesh, ProgressiveMesh, SkinnedMesh (converted earlier). Archive contained SkinnedMesh sample removed.
EnhancedMesh image FisOptimizedMeshhEye image ProgressiveMesh image
DirectX SDK examples 
DolphinVS image Dolphin sample from DirectX 9.0 SDK converted to ObjectPascal. This is less or more straight convertion from Direct3D 8.x to Direct3D 9.0.
DirectX SDK examples 
Billboard image Uploaded Billboard sample from DirectX 9.0 SDK converted to ObjectPascal.
This sample was slightly changed from DirectX 8.1 SDK - improved random placement of trees and frustum culling them before rendering.
DirectX examples 
TemplateVCL image Templates - contains two Direct3D template projects - you can use these projects as starting point for you own Direct3D applications. There are two templates as one is using Win32 API only and other is using VCL library. Both projects show "The Teapot" model and allows to resize window and go to fullscreen mode.
DirectX SDK examples 
Uploaded 3 new Direct3D environment mapping samples: CubeMap, FishEye, SphereMap from DirectX 9.0 SDK converted to ObjectPascal.
CubeMap image FishEye image SphereMap image
Digit Life posted mine article Pixel Shader 2.0 precision containing analisis of floating-points standarts and current PS_2_0 capable hardware. Test results were obtained with utility written in Delphi, sometime I'll post it's source code here. Russian speaking people can read article here.
Delphi VCL 
Small update to TGifImage component source code making it Delphi7 and up compatible (previous source was compatible only with Delphi 2-6).
DirectX examples 
VCLfullscreenD3D image VCLfullscreenD3D - sample shows how to use Delphi VCL dialogs in Direct3D 9.0 fullscreen mode.
Sample was created by request from DGDEV forum users (look for the link in the right column).

PS. If someone have not yet downloaded updated D3DFramework it's time to do it.
DirectX SDK examples 
Cull image Uploaded DirectX9 adaptation of Cull SDK sample.
DirectX SDK examples 
ClipMirror image The ClipMirror demonstrates the use of custom-defined clip planes. A 3D scene is rendered normally, and then again in a 2nd pass as if reflected in a planar mirror. Clip planes are used to clip the reflected scene to the edges of the mirror.

Sample hasn't changed since 8.1 version of SDK, it's just straight DX9 adaptation.

Please inform me of any grammar or general errors, contained on these pages, Alexey Barkovoy