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Delphi resources - Utilities

Info field below contains Name / Date / Size with links to file and description field contains some notes about sample and screenshot from run-time.


Notes: All utils comes with full source code and compiled EXE so you can just download and use them.

Info Description

Pascal Preprocessor - preprocessing utility what is targetted to be able to do any preprocessing what can be done with Delphi5 preprocessor. More information can be found in pascal preprocessor description.

Download it.

CRLF convertion utility. It can be used for helping multi-compiler development between Delphi (pre 6) and Kylix. As you probably know Unix OS'es prefer LF line breaks, but DOS/Windows environment commonly uses CR/LF sequence for the same purpose. So Kylix (and many other Unix "pure text" or code editors) normally produce LF delimited source code. This is not problem with Delphi6 compiler/IDE, but can lead to quite strage errors/error reporting in previous Delphi versions.

Download it.

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