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 How to compile MS DirectX 8.x SDK samples in C++Builder
  • Introduction
  • What additional files do you need?
  • Actions

  • Introduction

    This page describes which additional files you will need and actions you should take to compile samples from MS DirectX 8.x SDK's in Borland C++Builder. All these actions were tested in version 5.0 of C++Builder.

    What additional files do you need?

    1. C++Builder library pack
      [ Direct3D 8.0b version / Direct3D 8.1 version / Direct3D 9.0 version ]
    2. DLL needed for both Delphi and C++ Builder, to use D3DX8 functionality
      [ for DirectX 8.0b / for DirectX 8.1 / for DirectX 9.0 ]
      It's recommended to place these DLLs in Windows system directory.
    3. Original DirectX SDK include files and samples ;-)
      [ can be downloaded here ]


    Here we go:
    1. Launch "Visual C++ Project Convertion Utility" under Tools menu. Point this utility to convert DSP files from the wanted sample. After proceeding you should choose "Win32 Release" project to convert. After convertion you will see a certain number of warnings - don't bother scratching your head - everything is fine.
    2. Open project file (BPR) and under 'Project\Options\"Directories / Conditionals"' tab you should add:
      in "Include Path": path to MS SDK include files (default path is "c:\dxsdk\include")
      in "Library Path": path to DirectX C++Builder library pack from this site
      in "Conditional Defines": "cosf=(float)cos;sinf=(float)sin;acosf=(float)acos;asinf=(float)asin;tanf=(float)tan; atanf=(float)atan;sqrtf=(float)sqrt"
    3. Push Compile button!

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    Last updated: 28-Feb-2003